The New Year brings opportunities to try something new. Maybe you feel to shy to sing in public but love singing in the car?
Why not try singing in a group? At Sing Together, you will gain confidence, strengthen your voice, learn how to breath properly, improve your listening skills, meet others like you and have fun.
Ann, from the Ballinamore Group said ““I have got a great buzz out of ‘Sing Together’ . I always loved singing but never thought I could sing in a group with great confidence; and it’s so uplifting!”
The time to sing is 2017. Join us at Sing Together in the New Year in Ballinamore (Wednesdays), Carrick on Shannon (Thursdays) or Manor Hamilton (Mondays).
Contact me for more information. Sarah 0877620523.
Find me on Facebook here @sarahgardencommunitymusician