In 2015 a research team from the Royal College of Music’s Centre for Performance Science gathered data from a concert of music by Eric Whitacre.

The team asked how singing affected the health and well-being of the musicians and the audience. They found:

• Stress hormones (cortisol and cortisone) decreased in audience members watching a concert.

• Watching a concert also led to reduced negative mood states (afraid, tense, confused, sad, anxious and stressed) and increased positive mood states (relaxed and connected).

• Singing in a low-stress situation (a rehearsal, for example) reduced levels of cortisol and cortisone and didn’t affect anxiety, but doing so in a high-street situation (like a concert) increased both stress hormone levels and anxiety.

• Overall, the act of singing reduced the cortisol-cortisone ratio, implying that regardless of how stressed people feel, singing has an inherently relaxing effect.

You can read the full study here–and-listening-to-singing

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