You were born to sing and there is nothing more uplifting than singing with others. It has been scientifically proven to improve mood and generate a sense of community.

But people sometimes hold on to fears or preconceptions which prevent them from accessing this wonderful activity. Here are some of them…and the responses.

‘I’m not a ‘good enough’ singer”

There is no judgement in Sing Together. Everybody has a voice and has a right to use it. Sing Together is a safe space to have a go and together we produce a beautiful sound. HONESTLY!

“This all feels unfamiliar and I’m uncomfortable”

Give yourself time to settle in, chat to people and become a little more familiar with the songs.

“Everybody else knows what to do”

Not necessarily! We sing songs that people may have sung before but we always learn completely new songs at each session so everybody is in the same boat. Most of the time we are all at sea together!

“Everybody knows each other already”

Most people at Sing Together didn’t know each other before they started singing together. Learning harmony songs together is great for building support for and trust in each other – an ideal foundation for lasting friendships. And everyone is incredibly welcoming and friendly. You will make new friends in no time.

“I don’t know which part to sing”

Everyone learns all the parts and then can choose which one they prefer. Often people move around and sing different parts each week. It gives you a chance to experiment with how your voice sounds at different pitches.

“Nobody will miss me if I leave”

The more people singing the better it sounds and the more uplifted we all get. And If everyone thought that, there would be no choir!

“Nobody here is like me”

You might be the only man or only person under 50. Be a pioneer and help to mix things up and in no time you will encourage others like you to join.