Keeping Safe

As government restrictions are lifting, as leader of Sing Together and as a group, we will try our best to ensure that everyone feel safe. 

The first thing we can all do is look after ourselves! Eat well, sleep well, get some fresh air, and if you are sick stay at home be easy on yourself and get better. If you are feeling fine, but waiting for the results of a COVID test please also stay at home. 

In addition:

  1. There will be good ventilation.  Windows will be open to ensure air flow so bring an extra layer just in case.I will provide a CO2 monitor positioned so that all participants can feel reassured that we are operating within safe levels. Find out about the CO2 monitor here
  2. I will provide hand sanitiser on entry to the venue
  3. Please feel free to wear masks
  4. Please feel free to communicate if you would like to remain at a physical distance from people. Your need will be respected by everyone. 
  5. Please bring your own bottle of water